Free and open online market of amber starts its work

Amber Palm launches  unique amber exchange of the international level – a place where you can buy amber products directly from the manufacturer or open your own store.

The new online amber exchange “Papamber” will allow you not only to buy the works of the best amber masters of the world, but also to compare prices, conditions and find the best offer. You no longer need to contact dealers, look for company representatives, trust untested intermediaries, waste time, energy and money. Just go to our site and choose not only the product, but also the manufacturer. We were convinced that everything that might interest you was collected in one place.

Amber Palm has many years of experience with the most sophisticated and attentive customers around the world. We know how to satisfy the most refined wishes and be responsible for everything that we do.

We have created a platform that other manufacturers can use to create absolute comfort for our client, that is for you.